Bryozoans Control

Our Engineers are highly experienced in the identification and treatment of Bryozoans infestations.

The Problem

Bryozoans are invertebrate that invade irrigation networks and block filters and nozzles leading to unsightly and seemingly unrepairable patches of dead grass. It’s a relatively new problem in Dubai with the first case seen in 2012. The blockages inside irrigation pipes appear like thick sand and are usually dismissed as sludge. It can look like algae but Bryozoans are filter‐feeding organisms that flourish in freshwater reservoirs including those that are used for the temporary storage of irrigation water used to supply golf courses and other landscaped areas. Bryozoans often grow attached to the inner surfaces of irrigation pipes and tubes. When they grow to high population densities they can significantly reduce flow through irrigation pipes and restrict the delivery of water to landscaped areas resulting in the death of grass and other vegetation. This is particularly a problem on golf courses which require high volumes of water, especially in arid regions such as the UAE. Bryozoans and other filter‐feeding organisms also flourish in lakes, particularly around the shallow margins where they can attach to rocks and other areas with a free‐flowing source of organic matter and particulate food source.

The Solution

Physical cleaning does not solve the problem because the bryozoans live inside the pipes. Also, treatment with normal disinfectants does not work because bryozoans have protective tubes that are resistant to normal disinfectants. Alpha Environmental Solutions specialises in treating these infestations with specialised chemical treatments. The chemicals are safe on plants but require special government license for application, for which Alpha Environmental Solutions is certified.

Bryozoans Control

These pictures are for Bryozoans infestations that we have treated and solved at golf courses located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Extensive Bryozoans infestation blocking irrigation pump filters

Bryozoans growing on rocks used for lake shore embankment (left)

Bryozoans growing inside irrigation pipes (right)

Bryozoans with masses of cells that are called Statoblasts which remain dormant and survive adverse conditions.

Irrigation sprinkler filter before and after Bryozoans control treatment by Alpha Environmental Solution.

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