Environmental Consultancy

Our Engineers have over 20 years of experience with water quality rectification in the Middle East.

The Approach

Water quality management is of prime importance to the health of all lakes, ponds and water features.

Clients can benefit from Alpha’s specialized services at any developmental stage of the water body. Starting from design, we integrate sustainable elements that prevent future environmental problems. We work to implement practical lake management monitoring to guarantee long term positive results. Alpha Environmental Solutions collaborates with some of the most recognized limnologists as well as hydraulics and hydrology engineers in the region to manage lakes and execute lake hydrology & hydraulics data collections and modelling.

ALPHA Environmental Solutions is firstly, to carry out a detailed study to identify the existing water quality, inflowing water quality, and careful evaluation of the water quality problems. We can then design a customised solution to resolve all issues, that meets the expectations of the client.

We have extensive experience with lake management in the Middle East and have a comprehensive list of clients and references that can be provided on demand. We have no financial affiliations with specific suppliers or entities. As a result, we have access to the widest range of physical, chemical, and biological methodologies for water quality improvement, to restore and maintain the condition of constructed lakes ponds and water ways.

Water Quality Monitoring & Environmental Consultancy

Conducting Geophysical survey for a lake to identify leakages from the lake (left), and collecting water sample for testing from a drainage system connected to the lake (right).

Collecting water samples from lakes for water analysis (left), and testing water quality of a lake in‐situ using specialized multi‐meter devices (right)

Measuring sludge thickness at the bottom of the lake (left) and converting the data into Bathymetric maps showing sludge distribution inside the lake (right)

Testing water quality of a lake using specialized multi‐meter device (left), and testing the quality of water being drained into a lake (right)

Collecting fish for identification from one lake (left), and measuring water flow into a lake using specialized flow meter (right).

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