Lake Management & Algae Control

We provide the most comprehensive lake management and algae control services in the Middle East.

The Problem

Lakes and other water bodies often have excess nutrients that lead to algae blooms. The algae eventually die and decompose leading to surface scums and noxious odours. In warm weather like in the Middle East, this a seasonal problem and sometimes the entire water body turn to green colour.

Lakes also get contaminated with irrigation water from surrounding landscape. In UAE, the source of this irrigation water is often Treated Sewage Effluent which may contain pathogenic bacteria and other parasites, leading to contamination of the lake and posing public health risks.

In Dubai, lakes and other water bodies are closely monitored by Dubai Municipality for water quality and public health pests. If a water body fails the set maximum thresholds for physical, chemical or microbiological parameters, or if the water body is found with pest infestation, the property will receive fines and possible closure until the problem is solved.

This is why it becomes critically important, for the long‐term life of the water body, to implement a sound on‐going lake management program.

The Solution

ALPHA Environmental Solutions can custom design the most efficient, cost effective management program to fit individual lakes and other ornamental water features. We have the experience, the know‐how, the assets, and the expertise to provide tailor‐made lake management plans that are designed for specific customer budgets and requirements. Our comprehensive range of lake management services includes:

  • Algaecide application.
  • Bioremediation using a mix of beneficial bacteria.
  • Chemical treatments for removal of nutrients, increase clarity and control of PH.
  • Disinfection of the water body to control pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Lake dye application
  • Water quality analyses and testing for compliance with government regulations including: pH, free and total chlorine, cyanuric acid, salinity, TSS, TDS, algaecides, hardness, alkalinity and microbiological characteristics (including legionella).
  • Fish Stocking & Fish population control.
  • Routine cleaning of mechanical and/or biological filtration system components, including circulation pumps, fountains, aeration systems, etc.
  • Regular brushing and cleaning of water feature facades

Our maintenance team can provide long term maintenance packages to ensure the asset is maintained in top condition at minimum cost.

Below are videos for one of the lakes that we manage in Dubai showing the condition of the lake before our treatment (algae blooms, low visibility, bad odours, fish kills), and after our treatment (no algae, high water clarity, and healthy fish population)



Recent Lake Management Services Projects

These are lakes that we currently mange in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, showing the condition of the lakes before and after implanting our Integrated Lake Management Plans (ILMP).

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